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Creating DataStore Objects Using the Wizard (advanced) Locate this document in the navigation structure

You are guided through the process of creating a DataStore object (advanced) by a wizard.


  1. You are in the BW Modeling tools. In the context menu for your BW project, choose New DataStore Object.
  2. Select an InfoArea. To ensure that you can find your DataStore object again without difficulty, we recommend setting the Add to Favorites flag.
  3. Enter a technical name and a description. The technical name can be between three and nine characters long. If you have a namespace for the DataStore object (advanced), the name can only be eight characters long.
  4. You can select an object template. This can be useful if you want to replace existing objects - such as DataStore objects (classic) and InfoCubes - with DataStore objects (advanced).
  5. When you have finished making your settings, choose Finish. The editor appears.