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Specifying a Key Figure as a FilterLocate this document in the navigation structure

On the Filter tab, you can specify exactly one key figure as a filter if no key figure has been selected on the axles. The values of this key figure are displayed in the cells when the query is executed.


  1. In the BW Repository, select a key figure and drag and drop it onto one of the filter areas.
  2. If you want to change the operator, select the required operator from the right screen area under Details.
    Option Description
    Operator Description
    Equal Equal to
    LessThan Less than
    GreaterThan Greater than
    LessEqual Less than or equal to
    GreaterEqual Greater than or equal to
    ContainsPattern Contains pattern
  3. If you want to exclude the specified values, choose Exclude.


Special Feature: Query Definition Without Key Figure

You want to define a query that only contains characteristics in the columns and in the rows. Every query must contain at least one key figure however. You can ensure this by adding a key figure to the Filter: Fixed Values and - if required - setting operators and excludes.