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The DataStore object (advanced) is the central object for data storage and data consolidation in the BW system.

If the the required properties are set accordingly, the DataStore object (advanced) can be used in the various layers of the data warehouse. To simplify the modeling of the DataStore object (advanced), we provide templates that can be used to generate the required properties. The DataStore object (advanced) can contain InfoObjects and fields. This allows you to load data into the BW without having to assign InfoObjects. Thanks to its new Request-Management, the DataStore object (advanced) is particularly well suited to deal with frequent loading and large amounts of data.

The DataStore object (advanced) does not need an export DataSource in order to update data.

The ODP source system is available to help you update data from one InfoProvider to another in a different BW system (data mart). More information: Exchanging Data Between BW Systems Using the ODP Source System

Modeling for the DataStore object (advanced) is integrated in the BW Modeling tools.

It is intended for the DataStore object (advanced) to replace the BW InfoProviders with persistence (InfoCubes, DataStore objects, Persistent Staging Area). These classic InfoProviders will still be available in addition to the DataStore object (advanced) and will continue to be supported.

Note To distinguish the new DataStore object (advanced) from the "old" one, the latter is now known as the DataStore object (classic). For more information about the differences in terms of features, see SAP 2070577 Information published on SAP site.