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Using Reusable Query ComponentsLocate this document in the navigation structure

You can reuse objects that appear in the BW Repository under Reusable Components in all the queries of an InfoProvider. You can also reuse characteristic variables.

When changes are made to a reusable object, note that these are applied everywhere that the object is used.

You can use the BW search to find an overview of the reusable query components, which are used in a project or available system-wide.
  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Search Next navigation step Search... End of the navigation path in the user menu. As an alternative, you can use the shortcut Ctrl + H or press the Search (Search) button in the BW Modeling perspective.

  2. A popup opens. Go to the BW Object Search tab page.

  3. Enter a search string * (any string).

  4. Choose Advanced Filter the object type ELEM [query element] as an additional restriction for the search. The system displays all reusable query elements under Subtypes (except the query itself).

  5. Select the required subtype and choose Search to start the search.