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Restricting CharacteristicsLocate this document in the navigation structure

On the Filter tab, you can restrict characteristics to characteristic values (or characteristic value intervals) or to hierarchy nodes (either fixed or variable).


  1. In the BW Repository, select a characteristic and drag and drop it onto one of the filter areas.
  2. Open the InfoObject's context menu and choose Restrict. The Edit Filter screen opens on Members tab. The system shows the characteristic values (members) on the left of the screen.
  3. Restrict the characteristic to:
    • a single characteristic value
    • a variable characteristic value interval
    • variable characteristic values
    • a specific hierarchy node
    • a variable hierarchy node
  4. You can change the sequence of the selected characteristic values and variables in the filter:
    • To move a filter element up, choose Up.
    • To move a filter element down, choose Down.
  5. Confirm your filter definition by pressing OK.