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Open Hub Destination: Distributing Data from the BW SystemLocate this document in the navigation structure

The open hub destination allows you to distribute data from a BW system to non-SAP data marts, analytical applications, and other applications. It allows you to ensure controlled distribution across several systems.


You have already loaded data into an InfoProvider or DataSource.

You have BW back end version 7.5 SPS04 or higher installed.


The open hub destination defines the target to which the data is relayed. Any objects supported by the data transfer process can be used as open hub data sources.

Database tables and flat files can serve as open hub destinations. The database table can be located in BW or in another database system that is supported by SAP NetWeaver. You can extract the data from a database to downstream systems using APIs, SAP Data Services or a third-party tool.


  1. Creating Open Hub Destinations

    Create an open hub destination with the required target.

  2. Creating Transformations

    Create a transformation for your open hub destination. Note that not all rule types are available in the transformation for an open hub destination. Master data reading, time conversion, currency translation and unit conversion are not available. If certain prerequisites are met, execution in SAP HANA is supported.

  3. Creating a Data Transfer Process

    Create a data transfer process for your open hub destination.