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If you make changes to objects that are used in CompositeProviders, this can affect the CompositeProvider in some cases.

Deleting Objects Used in CompositeProviders
The following objects cannot be deleted if they are used in a CompositeProvider:
  • InfoObject
  • InfoCube
  • DataStore Object
  • Aggregation Level
  • InfoSets

First remove the objects from the CompositeProvider and then delete them.

You can delete analytic indexes after a warning.

Changing Objects Used in CompositeProviders

If you delete InfoObjects from InfoProviders that are used in the CompositeProvider, then the CompositeProvider, which contains the corresponding InfoProviders, is set to inactive. The deleted InfoObjects are still displayed in the source. but are flagged as Unknown with a question mark.

Modify the affected CompositeProviders accordingly and activate them again.

Changes to InfoObject Properties

When certain changes are made to an InfoObject (compounding, time dependency, changing a display attribute to a navigation attribute and the other way round), the InfoProvider/CompositeProvider used is set to inactive. Modify the affected CompositeProviders accordingly and activate them again.

If you change navigation attributes to display attributes for example, this causes errors in the CompositeProvider runtime. You can resolve the errors in the CompositeProvider by removing the definition of the navigation attributes on the Output tab.

Changes to SAP HANA Views

When structural changes are made to SAP HANA views, the CompositeProvider remains active. However, errors occur in the CompositeProvider. You have to manually remove any deleted SAP HANA views, or deleted fields from SAP HANA views, from the CompositeProvider (Target area). The fields are displayed as Unknown with a question mark in the source. Using the BW object search in the BW modeling tools, you can find out the CompositeProviders in which specific SAP HANA views are used in. More information: Searching for BW Objects