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Within the context of the Custom Code Migration Worklist, the following terms are used:



Code Inspector

The Code Inspector is a generic tool that you use to check the performance, security, syntax, and adherence to naming conventions of individual or sets of repository objects.

Custom Code Analysis Result

Result of the Custom Code Analyzer that contains the following metadata:

  • Usages of SAP objects in your custom code
  • Extensions (such as enhancements, database table appends, and so on) made to SAP objects
  • Modifications made to SAP objects

This result is stored as a ZIP file in the SAP Business Suite system and can be downloaded for import into the evaluation system.

Custom Code Analyzer

Tool for scanning customer objects for usages of SAP objects and for saving the metadata on these usages in the Custom Code Analysis Result.

Custom Code Migration Worklist

Tool that lists all customer objects that refer to SAP objects contained in the Simplification Database.

Customer object

Development object that has been created by the customer. This object might need to be adapted in accordance with the corresponding Simplification Item.

Evaluation system

ABAP system where the Custom Code Migration Worklist is executed. This system needs to be at least a SAP NetWeaver 7.5 release.

Production system

The live SAP Business Suite system on the customer side used for normal operations and where the organization's data is recorded.

SAP Business Suite system

System on the customer side where an SAP product (for example, SAP S/4HANA) based on SAP NetWeaver < 7.5 is installed.

This system now needs to be migrated to an SAP product (for example, SAP Business Suite) based on SAP NetWeaver 7.5.

SAP object

Development object that has been created by SAP

Simplification Database

Database that contains all Simplifications Items that are relevant for an SAP product (for example, SAP S/4HANA)

Simplification Item

Describes the adaptation of an SAP product that has a technical impact on custom code. Each Simplification Item contains a list of changed SAP objects, a category of the adaptation, and a link to an SAP note.

Usage and Procedure Logging (UPL)

Core functionality that logs all executions of procedures like programs, function modules, methods of classes, subroutines, and so on in an ABAP system.