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On the Cell Restriction tab, you specify which cells the exception is to be evaluated for.

Standard operator for all characteristics not listed

Here, you specify whether the exception should affect all rows or only result rows in the characteristics that you have not defined a restrictoin for in the lower screen area.

Cell Restrictions

By choosing Add, you can create a cell restriction for a characteristic regarding the exception. You can change a cell restriction by choosing Edit and delete it by choosing Remove.

You can choose from any of the free characteristics, or characteristics from the rows and columns used in a query. You cannot use characteristics that are already used in another restriction row in the list.

Select the required validity areas (operators) for the characteristic and restrict the characteristics as required.

Table 1: Possible Validity Areas
Validity Area Description


The validity area is not restricted. The exception is valid for all drilldown states for the characteristic.

Totals Only

The exception is valid for aggregated values of the characteristic only.

Everything Except Totals

The exception applies to all values of the characteristic apart from aggregated values.

Fixed Values

The exception is valid for just one particular value of the characteristic (for example Spare Parts under Product Group). Select the required characteristic value.


The exception is valid for a particular hierarchy level of the characteristic only. Select the required hierarchy level.