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Defining the Details for the Data TargetLocate this document in the navigation structure

On the Data Target tab page, you can make loading behaviour settings and edit your data target.



  1. Choose the Data Target tab.
  2. Select the required loading behaviour:
    • Overwrite Existing Data with New Data
    • Add New Data to Existing Data
  3. By choosing Start of the navigation path Formula Next navigation step Create End of the navigation path in an InfoObject's context menu, you can create a new formula. To begin with, enter a description and a referenced InfoObject. When creating the formula, you can make use of predefined functions in the formula editor.
  4. You have to model date calculations (such as sy-date + 1) with formula ADD_DAYS_TO_DATE, both for internal and external display.
  5. If you have set an analytic index as your data target, the Analytic Index tab page appears too. You can view the definition of the analytic index here and switch to editing mode.