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Defining the Details for the Data SourceLocate this document in the navigation structure

On the Data Source tab page, you can make assignments between the fields of the data source and the entry table of a function or procedure, and create filters and calculations.


  1. Choose the Data Source tab.
  2. If you data source is an InfoProvider, you can specify a fixed or variable date. If required, you can recreate the date variable directly. More information: Defining Variables
  3. Use the mouse to drag the arrows between the fields in the data source and the entry table of the function or procedure, or choose the relevant fields (in a projection or a generated procedure for example).
  4. By double-clicking Multiple Selection in the Filter column, you can define a filter with variable or fixed values for the corresponding InfoObject.
  5. If your data source is an InfoProvider, and you have key figures with currencies or units, you can double-click on the corresponding unit or currrency symbol to specify a quantity conversion or currency translation type. When the analysis process runs, the unit or currencies are then processed accordingly.
  6. By choosing Start of the navigation path Formula Next navigation step Create End of the navigation path in an InfoObject's context menu, you can create a new formula. To begin with, enter a description and a referenced InfoObject or a data element. When creating the formula, you can make use of predefined functions in the formula editor.
  7. You have to model date calculations (such as sy-date + 1) with formula ADD_DAYS_TO_DATE, both for internal and external display.