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Sharing Links to BW ObjectsLocate this document in the navigation structure

You can share a given BW object by e-mail or using a document of your choosing. To do this, you can create a hyperlink to this BW object in the BW Modeling tools. The recipient can use this to open the referenced BW object in another installation of the BW Modelign tools in the corresponding BW project.


  • The Eclipse-based IDE with the BW Modeling tools must be open when the link is opened.

  • You have access authorization for the corresponding BW system and authorizations for the linked BW object.


  1. Select the BW object in the Project Explorer and choose Share BWMT Link in the object’s context menu, or choose Share BWMT Link (Share BWMT Link) in the object’s native Eclipse editor.
  2. In the Share BWMT Link dialog box, select one of the following options:
    • To create an e-mail using your default e-mail application: E-Mail Link

      An e-mail is opened, containing a generated subject and the hyperlink to the BW object as text.

    • To copy the hyperlink to the clipboard: Copy link to clipboard

      Insert the link into a document of your choosing. The hyperlink is inserted into the document as text.


The following example shows the link for a given CompositeProvider: bwmt://<BW-System-ID>/sap/bw/modeling/hcpr/ztest1/m

You can also create a system-independent link by pressing the shift key in the Share BWMT Link dialog box E-Mail Link and choosing E-Mail Link or Copy Link to Clipboard wählen. The link for a given CompositeProvider then looks like this: bwmt://Systemid/sap/bw/modeling/hcpr/ztest1/m

Note For the hyperlink to react to the right mouse click, the recipient must specify which application to start when a hyperlink is opened.

For a BWMT link from an external document or an e-mail to be opened, an installation of the BW Modeling tools must be defined as the installation where the BW object in question should be opened. If your operating system is Microsoft Windows, you can set the path to the handler by activating the BWMT Link Handling option under Start of the navigation path Window Next navigation step Preferences Next navigation step BW Modeling End of the navigation path. This option can only be activated for an installation on your local computer.

Alternatively, you can insert the link into the clipbard and choose Start of the navigation path Navigate Next navigation step Open BWMT Link From Clipboard End of the navigation path in the Eclipse menu. This function then opens the BW object referenced in the link directly.

If you open a system-independent link, the system shows you the BW projects that are open in the installation of the BW Modeling tools, and you can select the relevant project. Note here that projects that do not contain the object in question can also be displayed.