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You can use the open hub destination to extract data to downstream systems. Various APIs allow you to connect SAP Data Services and third-party tools of certified partners to the BW system and to use this third-party tool to distribute data to other downstream systems.

SAP Data Services can be connected directly using the destination Third-Party Tools. Data Services supports serial and parallel extraction. For more information, read the documentation SAP BusinessObjects Data Services Supplement for SAP under Start of the navigation path Next navigation step Analytics Next navigation step All Products Next navigation step select your language Next navigation step Data Services End of the navigation path.

Any objects supported by the data transfer process can be used as data sources. The data is temporarily extracted to a database table on the BW system. The third-party tool receives a message when the extraction process is complete. Choose Parameters to specify the parameters that you want to pass to the third-party tool. You can monitor the extraction process for reading data by API ("Monitor" function).

You can connect one or more data transfer processes to an open hub destination of type Third-Party Tool.

Using a process chain, you can start the extraction process either in the BW system itself or from the third-party tool.

More Information

For detailed information about certification and the scenario BW-OHS, visit the SAP Community Network at published on SAP site.