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When creating a variable, choose the display area for field Var. Represents.

The table below provides an overview of the possible display areas:

Table 1: Display Areas for Variables

Display Area


Single Value: single value

The variable represents exactly one value.

Interval: interval

The variable represents a specific 'from' value and a specific 'to' value, i.e. an interval.

Multiple Single Values: multiple single values

The variable represents multiple single values.

This setting is useful in hierarchy nodes, for example to allow you to enter multiple single nodes.

Selection Option: selection option

The variable represents any combination of single values and intervals.

In addition, when you select values for variables, you can use operators (>,<,=, and so on), use the contains pattern option (for example, search for all values that begin with A: A*), and exclude certain values (by specifying the values for which you do not want to search).


Note that you can only use the selection option variables with the Contains Pattern option in the filter. You cannot use them in the dynamic filter. The Contains Pattern option is also only supported for characteristics of type CHAR. The option is not supported for numeric characteristics.