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Creating DataStore Objects (advanced) Locate this document in the navigation structure

The DataStore object (advanced) is the central object for data storage and data consolidation in the BW system.


  1. You are in the BW Modeling tools. In the context menu for your BW project, choose Start of the navigation path New Next navigation step DataStore Object (advanced) End of the navigation path. You will now be guided through the creation process by a wizard. More information: Creating DataStore Objects Using the Wizard (advanced)
  2. The General tab opens. If you set the External SAP HANA View flag, an SAP HANA view is generated from the DataStore object. More information:
  3. Under Model Template, you can select a template for the data warehousing layer. Select a template and choose Apply Template. More information: Templates for Modeling the Data Warehousing Layers
  4. If you have not selected a template for the data warehousing layer, you can select the required properties yourself. More information: Modeling Properties
  5. Under Special Types, you can select additional properties for the DataStore object. More information: Modeling Properties
  6. Under Storage Options, you can choose whether to use SAP HANA dynamic tiering. More information: Modeling Properties
  7. On the Details tab, select the InfoObjects that you want to be included in the DataStore object and/or create the fields. You can create groups in order to organize the fields and InfoObjects.
  8. Optional expert setting: You can create partitions for key fields on the Settings tab.
    More information: Creating Partitions
  9. Optional expert setting: You can create secondary indexes for a DataStore object on the Settings tab. The index is created on the active table. If no active table is found, the index is created on the inbound table. More information: Creating Indexes
  10. Activate the DataStore object.
  11. Under Properties in the screen area under the Editor, you can see information, about the DDIC elements for example. You can navigate further to the relevant information via the links.
    Note The generated view are only intended for internal use, not for use as an interface. You can use the external SAP HANA view instead, or official interfaces. More information: Quick Reference: Interface Overview


The DataStore object (advanced) is displayed in the Data Warehousing Workbench and can be integrated into a data flow.