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A condition is an object that restricts the view of the data in a query by hiding numbers that do not meet the defined condition(s).

By applying conditions to a query, you do not change any figures. You simply hide figures that are not relevant for you. Conditions therefore have no effect on the values displayed in the result rows. The results row of a query with an active condition corresponds to the results row of the query without this condition.

You can define multiple conditions for a query. Conditions are evaluated independently of each other. The result set is therefore independent of the evaluation sequence. The result is the intersection of the individual conditions. Multiple conditions are linked logically with AND. A characteristic value is only displayed if it meets all (active) conditions in the query.

Using conditions, you can restrict how you view query data as follows:

  • Threshold Values: An entry is filtered independently of the other entries if its reference value has a specific relationship to a comparison value. An entry is not displayed for example if its reference value exceeds or is less than a specific threshold value.

  • Ranked List: All entries for the displayed list or all entries for a logical section of the list (with multiple characteristics in the drilldown) are considered. Their relationship to each another determines whether the entry is displayed. For ranked lists, the sorting is switched on automatically when the condition is activated.