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The processing type Customer Exit allows you to set up a processing type for variables that is specially tailored for your requirements. A customer exit is designed as an enhancement that you can configure with customer-specific logic. The customer exit for variables allows you to set default values for variables using function module EXIT_SAPLRRS0_001.

You can process all variable types (characteristic value variables, hierarchy node variables, hierarchy variables, formula variables, and text variables) using the processing type Customer Exit.


Please note that processing type Customer Exit cannot be used in conjunction with external SAP HANA views. Processing type SAP HANA Exit is provided for this purpose.

As a prerequisite for this, you must have created a project in transaction CMOD, selected SAP enhancement RSR00001 assigned this to the enhancement project. You have activated the project.


For more information about working with SAP enhancement for global variables in Reporting, see SAP Enhancement Help. Call transaction SMOD. Enter the name of the enhancement (RSR00001RSR00001), choose Documentation and then choose Display.

You can find general information about working with customer exits under Start of the navigation path Help Next navigation step Application Help End of the navigation path in transaction CMOD.


You want to derive a characteristic value from another one. The InfoProvider contains the calendar day. You also want to see the cumulative value for the associated period in the query (starting with the first day of the month). Define a variable for the first day of the month with processing type Customer Exit.

If you now enter the current calendar day (for example, 6/19/2015), a start date of 6/1/2015 appears in the customer exit, and the cumulated value of this period can be displayed.

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