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Get information about how to use dataField types to provide means of executing actions on SAP Fiori UIs.

Actions are directly related to items that you can see in a table on a master-detail floorplan, for example. Users can select items and execute certain actions on the selected items.

Figure 1: Example of action 'Copy' on master-detail floorplan
You can use the following dataField type to expose actions to the client:
    This property has to be assigned to some arbitrary element. It is thereby irrelevant if the property refers to the element to which the property is assigned.
    Sample Code
    define view ZExample_SalesOrder as select from sepm_cds_sales_order as so {
      @UI.lineItem: [ 
        -- Standard Lineitem
        { position: 10 }, 
        -- Action Lineitem	
        { type: #FOR_ACTION, dataAction: 'BOPF:Copy', label: 'Copy' }
      key so.sales_order_id as SalesOrder,