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In the Remote Access screen area of the General tab, you can view and configure the settings for remote access.

The following remote access options are available:

External reporting tools use queries as their data source. This allows you to determine whether and how the query is accessed.

  • By Easy Query and By OData: The integration of SAP Business Warehouse with SAP Gateway allows you to provide analytic queries of SAP Business Warehouse as BW OData Queries or Easy Queries for mobile scenarios. Easy queries are suited for customers who want to use the SAOP services and RFC access. For REST-based access, both easy queries and OData can be used. Queries with OData access are specialized for REST access. In order to generate the query as a BW OData Query or Easy Query, select By Easy Query.
  • By OLE DB for OLAP: If you want to release this query as the data source for external reporting tools that communicate using interface OLE DB for OLAP, select By OLE DB for OLAP.

    Queries that contain formulas with the operators %RT, %CT, %GT, SUMRT, SUMCT, SUMGT, and LEAF cannot be released for OLE DB for OLAP. The required result can be achieved using constant selection.

  • External SAP HANA View: If the query is based on an InfoProvider that supports SAP HANA views, you can use this setting to make the system create a SAP HANA view for the current query.