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Editing Properties of HierarchiesLocate this document in the navigation structure

Here you can edit the properties for hierarchies.


If you have set the Hierarchies property on the General tab, the system will show the Hierarchies tab.

The system then generates a hierarchy table with hierarchical relationships for the characteristic.


Hierarchy Type

  1. If you want to use various versions of the characteristic hierarchy in the query, you can set the Version-Dependent flag.
  2. If you want the entire hierarchy or the hierarchy structure to be time-dependent, you can select the Time-Dependent flag.

Time-Dependent Properties

  1. If you have set the Time-Dependent flag, you can specify further entries here.
    • If you want to create views of a hierarchy that are valid for a specific period of time, you can specify the entire hierarchy as time-dependent.
    • If you want to model relationships that change time-dependently, you can specify the hierarchy structure as time-dependent.

Remote Hierarchy Properties


  1. You can define whether intervals in hierarchies are permitted for the hierarchy basic characteristic. More information: Intervals
  2. You can define whether the sign reversal function is possible for the hierarchy basic characteristic. If reversing the sign is activated for hierarchies, the attribute 0SIGNCH is included in the communication structure for hierarchy nodes.

    In hierarchy maintenance, you can specify whether the sign for transaction data booked to this node is to be reversed for each hierarchy node. In the query definition, create a formula variable for reversing the sign.


    You have a hierarchy based on receipts and expenditure. According to accountancy logic, income is displayed with a negative sign and expenses are shown with positive sign. Adding these values produces the profit.

    Under certain circumstances, it may be advisable to circumvent accountancy logic and display the query income with a positive sign. This is where reversing the sign comes in. In our example, one would only activate sign reversal for income.

External Characteristics in Hierarchies

  1. You can specify which characteristics are permitted in the hierarchy nodes. If you do not select an InfoObject here, only text nodes are permitted as nodes that can be posted to in hierarchies.