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Manually Deploying SAP HANA Objects and PackagesLocate this document in the navigation structure

If SAP HANA objects and packages are not automatically deployed to the SAP HANA repository of the target system when the transport request is imported, you can subsequently deploy them manually.


  • The user that performs the deployment using transaction SCTS_HTA_DEPLOY requires the following authorizations:

    • Deployment authorizations

      In authorization object S_DEVELOP, the ACTVT field must contain the value 07 and the OBJTYPE field must contain the value HOTA. We recommend that you set the other fields to full authorization.

    • Authorization to access the deployment log in the transport log directory

      In authorization object S_DATASET, the ACTVT field must contain the values 33 and 34 and the PROGRAM field must contain the value SAPLSLOG. If necessary, in the FILENAME field, you can restrict the file name to the directory in the transport directory that contains the log (for example, /usr/sap/trans/log/*). We recommend that you set the other fields to full authorization.

    Create your own role that includes these authorizations and also assign the role the transaction authorization for transaction SCTS_HTA_DEPLOY. Then assign this role to the user who uses transaction SCTS_HTA_DEPLOY.

    Note The authorizations mentioned above are included in the SAP_BC_DWB_ABAPDEVELOPER role.
  • If you want to deploy objects or packages from the HTA repository to the SAP HANA repository that have the deploy mode P (Package and its objects deployed only after prework done), completion of the prework must be confirmed. For more information, see Confirming Completion of Prework for HTA.


For information and examples in which it may make sense to subsequently deploy SAP HANA objects and packages manually, see item 4. at Description of the Transport Process.


  1. Call transaction SCTS_HTA_DEPLOY (SAP HANA Transport for ABAP – Deployment) in your ABAP target system.

    If you are developing software in the ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver, choose Open SAP GUI and enter the transaction code SCTS_HTA_DEPLOY.

  2. Select one or more SAP HANA packages (and subpackages if required).

    The packages and objects found are displayed in a list.

    Packages and objects that are known in the HTA repository but that have not yet been deployed to the SAP HANA repository are preselected by the system. These packages or objects have a yellow icon. In the detail view of the package/object, theStatus in ABAP is either I - Not yet deployed to SAP HANA repository or D – Deleted in deployment.

  3. Check whether you want to deploy the preselected packages and objects. Adjust the selection as required. You can also select packages and objects for redeployment that have already been deployed. These packages or objects have a green icon.
  4. Start the deployment.


The system reads the current active versions of the selected packages and objects from the HTA repository and imports and activates these in the SAP HANA repository.

Check the deployment log to ensure that the deployment was successful.

You can find more information about deployment in your ABAP system by calling transaction SCTS_HTA_DEPLOY and choosing the i button.