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You can use various options to display the content of BW modeling tools just how you want.

Link with Editor

The Link with Editor button can be found in the toolbar in the Project Explorer view. It toggles the link on and off between the Project Explorer view selection and the active editor.

Switch Label Display Mode

The Switch Label Display Mode button in the toolbar in the BW Modeling perspective allows you to switch between various options, to display the technical names (key) and/or descriptions (text) of InfoAreas, BW metadata objects and elements of the CompositeProvider. The default setting is <[key]text>.

Note Note that this setting is not used in the Open BW Object dialog.
Sort Project Explorer Tree

You can alphabetically sort the folders and objects in a BW project in the Project-Explorer view. To do this, choose Alphabetical Order for BW Objects in the project’s context menu.

In the defaul setting, folders such as InfoAreas, source systems or application components in the Project Explorer view are displayed according to the sequence in the Data Warehousing Workbench in the BW back end system. Semantic folders are also displayed in alphabetical order.

Once you have selected the entry, the folders in the trees in the Project Explorer view are displayed in alphabetical order. Sorting is applied in accordance with the Switch Label Display Mode setting on the technical names or the description of the folders.

BW metadata objects are displayed in alphabetical order by technical name.