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Comparison of the Two Methods for Creating Views in SAP HANA for BW ObjectsLocate this document in the navigation structure

There are two ways of creating SAP HANA views for BW objects: From the BW system or from SAP HANA Modeler. Although they present a number of differences, both approaches can be recommended in equal measure.

Generating SAP HANA views from the BW system is recommended if:
  • you mainly use the BW Enterprise Data Warehouse layer and plan to execute queries directly on the data models, without OLAP functions.
  • you want the SAP HANA view to be automatically adjusted when changes are made in BW
  • you want the SAP HANA view to be part of the BW transport system
  • you want SAP HANA users to be automatically assigned SAP HANA privileges
  • you want CompositeProviders or queries to be used for SAP HANA views
  • you want to access the near-line storage or use non-cumulative key figures
However, importing BW objects from the SAP HANA Modeler is recommended if:
  • you mainly use SAP HANA Modeler and your own ETL tools
  • the content package can be individually configured for each object
  • you want to keep changes made to the generated SAP HANA view after a re-import
Table 1: Differences Between the Two Approaches

Generating from the BW System

Importing from SAP HANA Modeler
Tool Is entered when modeling BW objects (push) Is triggered from SAP HANA Modeler (pull)
Update if changes are made to a BW object: The SAP HANA view is also automatically updated in BW if changes are made to the object The SAP HANA view is only updated by a re-import
Transport: Is transported with BW transport Is transported with SAP HANA transport
Supported object types: InfoCube, DataStore object (classic and advanced), InfoObject, query as InfoProvider, CompositeProvider, query InfoCube, standard DataStore object (classic), InfoObject, query as InfoProvider
Authorizations: Generation of SAP HANA privileges and automatic assignment to SAP HANA user; authorization type: SQL Analytic Privileges Optional generation of SAP HANA privileges and manual assignment to SAP HANA user; authorization type: Analytic Privileges
Content package: A central content package where all SAP HANA views are saved Can be configured for each object
Manual changes to the generated view: are not allowed; changes are overwritten are allowed; calculated attributes and calculated key figures and restricted key figures are retained - if the SAP HANA view is updated by a re-import