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On the Planning tab, you can make the structural element in question input-ready, meaning that it can be changed at runtime.

If you have defined a query on an input-ready InfoProvider, the system displays the Planning tab.

Input-Readiness of a Structural Element

The Input-Ready field allows you to define whether the structural element in question should be input ready when an input-ready query is run With structural elements that are not input ready, you can also set whether their values are viewed as reference data or are simply protected against manual entry.

Table 1: Input-Readiness of a Structural Element



No: Not input-ready (not relevant for locking)

The structural element is not protected by data locks for exclusive use by just one user, as these values serves as a reference for a large number of users.

This is the default setting.

No (Data Relevant for Locking): Not input-ready (relevant for locking)

If you only want to protect a structural element against manual entries from multiple users, but want it to be modifiable by planning functions for example, you can use this option to protect the data for a user with locks. This allows you to ensure that the planning function works with the displayed data only and not with data that has been changed by other users.

Yes: Input-ready (relevant for locking)

The data is locked for a user and is input-ready for manual planning.