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The Data Warehouse Layer (Data Mart) contains the objects that are used to perform queries for analysis.

With the Data Warehouse Layer (Data Mart) template, the Activate Data and All Characteristics are Key, Reporting on Union of Inbound and Active Table properties are selected under Modeling Properties:

This type of modeled object corresponds to a standard InfoCube.

The inbound table corresponds to the InfoCube's F table, while the active data table corresponds to the E table.

Reporting on this type of DataStore object is consistent and provides stable navigation. A query can be executed straight after loading. You do not need to activate it beforehand. You can load deltas, for example from another DataStore object (advanced). The data is aggregated, thus making it impossible to overwrite key figures for example. As the change log is not filled, you cannot delete any data from the DataStore object.

When a query is executed, the active table and the inbound table are accessed: