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Editing Non-Cumulative Key FiguresLocate this document in the navigation structure

Here you make further specifications for calculating non-cumulatives.


The Non-Cumulative tab is available only if you have set the Non-Cumulative flag on the General tab.


  1. You can enter a key figure that represents the non-cumulative change of the non-cumulative value. There do not have to be values for this key figure in every time unit. For the non-cumulative key figure, values are only stored for selected times (markers). The values for the remaining times are calculated from the value in a marker and the intermediary non-cumulative changes.
  2. Alternatively, you can specify two key figures that represent the inflow and outflow of a non-cumulative value.

    For non-cumulatives with non-cumulative change, or inflow and outflow, the two key figures themselves are not allowed to be non-cumulative values, but must represent cumulative values. They must be the same type (for example, amount, quantity) as the non-cumulative value.