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The Custom Code Migration Worklist displays all customer objects that refer to simplified SAP objects and it provides links to information about how to adopt these customer objects.


This document enables SAP system administrators to efficiently set up the Custom Code Migration Worklist in order to provide the relevant information to developers. It also describes how developers can then use the Custom Code Migration Worklist to analyze and/or adopt the affected customer objects.

In addition, all relevant terms and tools are introduced to guide you briefly through the analysis process.

Overview that displays the setup of the Custom Code Migration Worklist
Figure 1: Overview that displays the setup of the Custom Code Migration Worklist

Changes that are made to SAP objects and that have a technical impact on custom code are collected in items called Simplification Items. For each Simplification Item, SAP provides a list of changed SAP objects, their category, and a link to an SAP note that guides you when you adopt your custom code.

The Custom Code Migration Worklist helps you find out which Simplification Items are relevant for the custom code in your SAP Business Suite system.

In addition to the Simplification Database, your custom code needs to be analyzed for usages of SAP objects. For this, SAP provides the Custom Code Analyzer. The Custom Code Analyzer has to run in the SAP Business Suite System.


You have several options when converting your SAP Business Suite system to an SAP product based on SAP NetWeaver 7.5. The following approaches are possible:

  • Conversion of your current SAP Business Suite system and migration of all your custom code

    Remember that you have to run the Custom Code Analyzer before conversion.

  • Installing a new system and only migrating parts of your customer code from your current system

Both the Simplification Database from SAP Service Marketplace and the Custom Code Analysis Result from your SAP Business Suite System have to be imported into the evaluation system. The Custom Code Migration Worklist then contains all customer objects that use simplified SAP objects. From here you can start using the worklist to migrate your custom code. Before starting the migration project, you can analyze the worklist to get an overview of what needs to be adopted. During the migration project, the worklist can be used to organize the adoption of your custom code.

Finally, you must test your custom code for consistency and functionality. To do this, use the ABAP Test and Analysis Tools.