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Using a Query as an InfoProviderLocate this document in the navigation structure

On the Query Properties screen in the query monitor, you can stipulate whether the selected query should be used as an InfoProvider.


This setting makes it possible to perform high-performance analyses, especially on queries that are simple but contain a very large amount of data, i.e. over a million cells.

You can still index data from all InfoProviders that are based on the query via query snapshots in the BW Accelerator. You can get an overview of the BWA Indexes in the system for the query snapshot by pressing Query as InfoProvider in BWA Index Maintenance (transaction RSDDB). The system uses a BWA index for a query snapshot if its time stamp is not older than the InfoProvider that the query is based on (see Tab: BWA Index Settings).

The following are two scenarios for using a query as an InfoProvider:

  • You can use a query as the data source for an analysis process and use Analysis Process Designer in BW to create analytical indexes on it (see Data Sources for an Analysis Process).
  • You can use a query as the data source of a data transfer process with extraction mode Full (see Creating Data Transfer Process). This allows you to extract query data and to distribute it using an Open Hub Destination to downstream applications, to a SAP HANA database for example. You can also use OLAP functions in the staging process with the query as the data source of a data transfer process.
  • You can use a query - especially if it contains mass data - over the Analytic Server's relational interface as a data source for the SAP BusinessObjects Data Federator (see Data Federator) and perform analyses with this, for example in SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence.


  1. If you want to use the selected query as an InfoProvider, set the relevant flag.

    The system checks whether this is possible.

  2. Choose . The Display Logs dialog box appears.

    The system indicates whether the selected query can be used as an InfoProvider.