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Creating a Where-Used List for BW ObjectsLocate this document in the navigation structure

The where-used list allows you to find all objects that use a certain object. The function returns a hit list grouped by BW object type.


  1. You can start the where-used list from the following places:
    • For all BW objects that are displayed in the BW modeling tools: Project Explorer
    • For BW objects that are maintained using a native Eclipse editor: Active Editor
  2. You can call the where-used list as follows:
    • For objects that are displayed in the native Eclipse editor: Press the Get Where-Used List (Get Where-Used List) button in the BW Modeling perspective.
      Note The pushbutton is not active for objects that the SAP GUI editor opens for in the Eclipse-based IDE, and which do not have a native Eclipse editor. Open the where-used list for these objects in Project Explorer.
    • For objects in Project Explorer: Open the context menu for the object and choose Get where-used list.


The list of usages is displayed in the Search view. The list of usages displays the hits grouped by BW object types. By double-clicking on an object in the hit list, you can navigate to the object's maintenance screen.