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Defining VariablesLocate this document in the navigation structure

You can define reusable variables for InfoObjects. These variables will also be available for filtering queries.


The basic properties of the variable (such as variable type, processing type, reference characteristic, display area and input type), which you set when you create the variable, cannot be changed later on. However, you can edit the technical name, description and specific settings for the processing type in the properties of the variable later on.


  1. Open the context menu for the InfoObject and choose Start of the navigation path New Next navigation step BW Variable End of the navigation path. The New BW Variable wizard opens. The system applies the properties from the BW project and the reference characteristic as the default settings.
  2. Enter a description and a technical name for the variable.
  3. Select the variable type for field Type of Variable.
  4. Select the processing type for field Processing By. Depending on the variable type, only certain processing types are useful. The Variables Wizard automatically only offers you the processing types that are possible for your selection.
  5. If you want to specify a different InfoObject as a reference characteristic, choose Browse for field Ref. Characteristic.
  6. Choose the display area for field Var. Represents.
  7. If you have selected the processing type Replacement Path (Replacement Path), choose Next. In the next step you specify the Replacement Rule.
  8. Once you have finished defining the variable, choose Finish. The system creates the variable. The Variables Editor opens and you see the screen area that shows the properties of the variable.
  9. In the properties of the variable you can change various settings as required on the General tab. You can also, for example, set default values or settings for starting the query on the available tabs (tab availability depends on processing type).
  10. To delete a variable, choose the delete symbol (Delete) in the properties of the variable.


You have created a variable, which can be used in queries containing the reference characteristic.

You can find the variable either in the BW Repository of the query under the reference characteristic, or by using the search. To search for the variable, find the toolbar in the BW Modeling perspective and choose Search (Search). Now you can search for the query on the BW Object Search tab. In the Advanced Filter area, you can restrict the search to the type ELEM [Query Element] and subtype VAR [Variable].