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Defining Conditions Locate this document in the navigation structure

To achieve more effective data analysis, you can formulate conditions on the Conditions tab.


In the results area of the query, the data is filtered according to the conditions so that only the part of the results area that you are interested in is displayed. You can restrict the view to the data of a query; with regards to defined threshold values or based on a defined ranked list.


  1. You are on the Conditions tab in the query definition. Open the context menu in Conditions and choose Create Condition. The system inserts a new condition.
  2. Make the required settings on the General tab page.
  3. Make the required settings on the Assignments tab page.
  4. Press OK. You return to the query definition.
  5. Save the query.


You have defined or changed a condition for a query. Execute the query. Only objects that meet the defined conditions are displayed.


You can display the condition descriptions in the query view and activate or deactivate them there.