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The following example shows how an additional cell created in the Help Cells screen area can be used as a help selection for an exception cell of type "formula". The help cell itself is not displayed in the query.


You can define an invoice in a help cell of type "selection" and use this in an exception cell of type "formula", in order to calculate a duplicated invoice.


  1. Open the context menu for the empty cell in the Help Cells area and choose New Selection Cell. The Edit Selection dialog box appears.
  2. Enter a technical name for the help cell. You can also enter a new description.
  3. Use drag and drop to move the invoice key figure to the Selection Details area on the right of the screen.
  4. Press OK. The help cell contains the description of the selection. The symbol indicates that a selection has been made for this help cell.
  5. Next, choose New Formula Cell from the context menu of the required query cell in the upper screen area. The Edit Formula dialog box appears.
  6. Enter a technical name for the exception cell. You can also enter a new description.
  7. In the Cells group, double-click on the help cell defined on the "invoice" key figure, in order to select the cell.
  8. Choose the buttons x 2.
  9. Press OK. The cell now displays the exception cell whose formula is calculated instead of the cross product of the structure elements.