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Ignored BW FunctionsLocate this document in the navigation structure

The following BW functions are ignored. However, the SAP HANA view can still be generated:

  • Hierarchy display settings
  • Default values for characteristics
  • Conditions
  • Exceptions
  • Local calculations
  • Display options (number of decimal places)
  • Zero suppression
  • Query properties (cache mode, read mode, near-line storage mode)
  • Hidden key figures
  • Display attributes
  • Stable data during navigation: You can configure the query properties so that the data is stable from the query start onwards - even if new data are loaded into the InfoProvider.

    When a new list is calculated, the SAP HANA view for InfoCubes and DataStore objects always displays the current data.

    For CompositeProviders, new data is always displayed, and the data in a displayed list does not remain consistent with the expanded list view.

  • Structures: The information on the structure is not transferred from the BW query to the SAP HANA view.
    Example The query contains two structures in the columns. One structure contains m key figures and the other structure contains n selections. The number of key figures in the SAP HANA view is m*n.