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SAP NetWeaver Voice allows you to implement voice applications for solutions such as customer relationship management (CRM), remote user services, and employee self services (ESS). The voice application allows you to access information at anytime using a telephone and avoids paper based transactions.

You can access more information about voice applications using the following links:

  • Administering SAP NetWeaver Voice

    The administrator's guide provides you with information that you can use while you are implementing and using voice applications.

  • Configuring SAP NetWeaver Voice

    The configuration guide provides you with information that helps you to logically connect the systems in the landscape.

  • Developing Voice-Enabled Applications

    The developers guide helps you to understand the Visual Composer tool using which you develop voice application. It also provides information on the various tasks that you carry-out to develop voice applications.

  • Security Guide for SAP NetWeaver Voice

    The security guide provides you with an overview of the components and communication paths that SAP NetWeaver Voice uses. It also provides you with information on the user administration and authentication.