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This area provides industry-leading portal technology that delivers unified, personalized, and role-based user access to information in your heterogeneous IT environment. It enables you to integrate SAP solutions, third-party applications, legacy systems, databases, unstructured documents, internal and external Web content, and collaboration tools, thereby unifying key information and applications to provide end users with a single view that spans IT divisions and organizational boundaries.


This area is comprised of the following capabilities:




Provides a single point of access to SAP and non-SAP information sources, enterprise applications, information repositories, databases, and services within and outside of your organization-all integrated into a single Web-based user experience.

Knowledge Management

Provides a central, role-specific point of entry in the portal to unstructured information from various data sources. Knowledge Management supports you in structuring information and making it available to the correct target audience.


Allows you to bring together members of project groups regardless of time and of their geographic location. Portal users can use virtual rooms for common access and organization of documents, applications, and ideas.

Web Page Composer

Facilitates the creation and management of portal pages by authorized business users in an intuitive work environment that is fully based on standard portal capabilities. These pages can combine business applications with user-generated Web content and static content.

Universal Worklist

Provides centralized task management from which business users using the portal can manage, respond to, and delegate daily work items.