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In this section you can find notes on technical configuration steps which may be necessary in your SAP NetWeaver system.

Configuration using SAP Solution Manager

In the configuration phase, you use a SAP Solution Manager project and its project structure, to configure the structure elements for your business scenarios in the development systems. The SAP Solution Manager contains descriptions of all configuration tasks, and leads you to automated configuration procedures, where available.

More information: Configuring SAP NetWeaver using SAP Solution Manager

Configuration using ABAP Task Manager for Lifecycle Management Automation

Perform configuration tasks in an automated way by using the ABAP task manager. The ABAP task manager guides you through extensive configuration processes by means of predefined task lists and offers the possibility to customize them according to your needs.

More information: Configuration using ABAP Task Manager for Lifecycle Management Automation

Configuration using the Configuration Wizard (Java)

Use the configuration wizard to perform automated configuration and maintenance tasks for your SAP NetWeaver system. The configuration wizard enables you to enter data centrally once only, for example, for connectivity, service users, and so on and then the system distributes the data automatically in the SAP NetWeaver system.

More information: Configuration Wizard

Configuration using the Java Functional Unit Configuration Tool

To perform an automated initial setup of Java functional units, use the functional unit configuration tool.

More information: Java Functional Unit Configuration