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Synchronizing Applications and DataLocate this document in the navigation structure


Synchronization allows you to connect to the Data Orchestration Engine (DOE) and perform the following tasks:

  • Download applications that are assigned to you
  • Upload data from your device to the DOE
  • Download data from the DOE to your device

The procedure for these tasks is the same; the upload and download occurs automatically upon connection to the DOE.

  • You have a connection available for connecting to the DOE.
  • You have registered the device on the DOE.
  1. On the mobile client homepage, choose Synchronize.

    The client displays the synchronization logs.

  2. Choose OK.

    Any new applications that are assigned to you appear as links.

    If an application is installed on your mobile client device, then the application data is updated.

    If you have updated your application data, then the updated data is uploaded to the DOE.


    If you cannot access client applications with the link on the homepage, as a troubleshooting step, log off from the client and then restart the mobile device. If you still cannot access the application, contact your administrator.