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Comparison of ALV with IDA Versus SAP List ViewerLocate this document in the navigation structure

From an application development perspective, programming with SAP List Viewer with Integrated Data Access is for fundamental technical reasons very different to programming with SAP List Viewer (ALV) on a standard database. This documentation describes the programming techniques, and provides links to sample programs that were delivered with the system.

Table 1: Overview of Comparison
SAP List Viewer ALV with IDA
Data Retrieval Responsibility of application, data is collected in an internal ABAP table (ITAB) Responsibility of ALV, table name has to be transferred
Data Contents All data from the ITAB Visible area only
Roundtrip (e.g. scrolling) From ALV perspective only operations on the ABAP Server, new area from the ITAB is displayed Paging on the database, that is, new SQL statement is executed
Application ALV Services (sorting, filtering…) On the ITAB (snapshot behavior) New call to the database
Memory Consumption Depends on the size of the ITAB Visible area only, relating to columns and rows
Speed Time required for all data to be transferred to the ITAB on first display Time required for visible area to be transferred

The following sections explain these differences in more detail.