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The Enterprise Services Repository and Registry combines the advantages of language-independent modeling and specification of applications in the Enterprise Services Repository with the option of publishing application services in the Services Registry and to classify them there also. The Enterprise Services Repository and Registry therefore contribute greatly to the development of applications according to an Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).


Enterprise Services Repository (ES Repository)

Access ES Repository content using the Enterprise Services Builder (ES Builder). Some of the most important ES Builders editors are:

  • A modeling environment for the model-driven development of applications.
  • WSDL-based editors for specifying governed service interfaces, message types, and data types.
  • Editors for design objects to utilize the Integration Server's integration logic (for example, editors for mappings and integration processes).

More information: Enterprise Services Repository

Services Registry

Some of the most important properties of the Service Registry are:

  • It meets UDDI 3.0 (UDDI: Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration).
  • It provides a classification system and search tools. In this way it is easier to find services that were published in the Services Registry.
  • It contains all information in WSDL that are required for calling a service on the consumer side.

More information: Finding Services in the Services Registry