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Form-Based Processing of Business Data


Adobe LiveCycle Designer layout editor for forms, supported by SAP

Adobe Document Services form processing services that generate forms using form templates, whose layouts are created using Adobe LiveCycle Designer


enhancement spot program interface for implementing layout technologies on the company side in the form processing framework


Form Builder transaction in an SAP system for editing the form objects form interface and form template

form business data presented as a form

form context (context) part of the form template that defines the data fields to be included in the layout and their processing logic

form layout (layout) part of the form template that defines the layout of the form

form object superordinate term for form interface and form template

form interface entire set of data fields whose values can be transferred to a form template by an application

form processing framework technical basis for form processing in an SAP system; enables integration of third-party form layout technologies

form processing service part of the layout technology that creates the form using a form template and the data provided by the application

form template definition of a form to be filled out by an application; contains information about data fields and their processing logic, and the layout of the form to be created


context see form context


layout see form layout

layout technology superordinate term for the form layout editor and the corresponding third-party form processing services, such as Adobe LiveCycle Designer and Adobe Document Services from Adobe Systems Inc.


PDF portable document format; an output format for forms


interface see form interface