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In businesses there are various types of analysis scenarios. These range from simple reporting with lists to multidimensional analyses and formatted reporting to dashboards. In the various scenarios, various user interfaces are needed in order to meet the corresponding analysis requirements. The same data forms the basis for the analysis in question however.

As well as analyzing business data, businesses also need to be able to find the most relevant data and information among the often quite huge amounts of data they store and/or process. This is ensured by means of standardized, broad and secure real-time access to structured data (business objects) and to unstructured data (HTML files, presentations and documents for example).

With Search and Operational Analytics, SAP NetWeaver provides a joint technical infratstructure that supports and standardizes data provisioning for analysis and for data searches. Search and Operational Analytics allows data to be used by various user interfaces and to be treated irrespectively of the use in question. In a joint modeling environment, modeling for search and analysis, search and analysis models are provided for this.

Implementation Considerations

For some Search and Operational Analytics scenarios, Search and Classification (TREX) or SAP BW Accelerator are required in your system landscape. These components are not installed as part of SAP NetWeaver AS for ABAP 7.4. The corresponding documentation has been removed. You might already have these components installed in your system landscape however.

SAP Note 1766985 Information published on SAP site provides an overview of scenarios whose components are not installed as part of SAP NetWeaver AS for ABAP 7.4.