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SAP NetWeaver Application Server can be installed in various specifications depending on the SAP product and applications used. A distinction is made between ABAP systems, Java systems, and dual-stack systems. Depending on the SAP product used, not every specification may be available, and therefore not all the functions and tools listed.




Enables the exchange of application data between different SAP systems and with non-SAP systems.

IPv6 Support in SAP NetWeaver

Usage of IP (Internet Protocol) Version 6 for network communication (both within SAP systems and beyond)

Reverse Invoke

Reverse invoke is the technology that enables network connections to be set up from a secure network (Intranet). This increases network security since no external connection can get through the firewall into the network.

The sapcpe Program

With program sapcpe you can organize your directory tree locally.

System Landscape Directory

The System Landscape Directory is the central information repository for your system landscape. It contains information about all installable and installed components in a system landscape.