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This section provides an overview of the functions of the functional trace and contains links to additional information.


The functional trace (transaction STATTRACE) is divided into a navigation area in the left subwindow, which you can show and hide by choosing Full Screen On/Off and an analysis area in the right subwindow.


The following functions are available to you in the navigation area:


Function Description

Data selection

You can use Data Selection to select the data to be analyzed. You can filter which individual statistics records (raw records) and, if appropriate, trace data are to be displayed.

You can filter the data records by the following criteria:

  • Start date
  • Start time
  • Read period
  • Initial system
  • Initial user
  • Initial action
  • Transaction ID

The system displays the filtered statistics records in the analysis view. The data selection function interacts with the system selection function. In the system selection, you define the systems from which statistics records are read. In the data selection, you define a period for reading the statistics records. The raw statistics records are read for this period for the components specified in the system selection. If you do not specify a specific period, the system uses the default filtering, that is it filters to the first ten minutes after starting the transaction.

Settings & log

The following settings and log functions are available:

System selection

Use this function to define the components from which you want to display raw statistical data.

Display and Analysis Options

You can use this function to select the display variant. You can specify whether statistics records are displayed hierarchically or in a list. You can also specify the time zone and the RFC wait time.

Activating/Deactivating the Trace

You can use this function to activate the SQL, enqueue, RFC, or buffer trace for ABAP systems that you have selected in the system selection, as in the performance analysis (transaction ST05).

Application Log

If an error occurred in the functional trace, you can use this function to find the cause of the error.


General Data

If you have performed an analysis and the desired statistics record, the system displays the following general information at the top of the output area:

  • Period analyzed (date, time)
  • Components analyzed
  • Components that do not deliver data
  • Time zone

The date and time of the first and last statistics record of the period being considered are also shown.


ALV Tree Control

After a successful analysis, the raw statistics data is displayed as a call hierarchy in an ALV Tree Control.


ALV Grid Control

As there is no sort function for the call hierarchy, you can display the statistics records as a list. The list display uses an ALV Grid Control, with which you can extensively adjust the selected view to your requirements. Using the standard functions of the ALV Grid Control, you can

  • Show and hide columns
  • Sort rows by the contents of a column
  • Set and delete filters
  • Perform summations
  • Export tables as a file type of your choice
  • Display tables as graphics
  • Save sort orders, filters, and selected columns as your layout


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