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If you have performed an analysis, the system displays the basic information for the raw statistics records in the analysis view. You can view more detailed information in the detail view.



Follow the procedure below to display detail views:

  1. Choose a statistics record in the analysis view.

    The Detail Analysis of Selected Statistics Record screen appears, in which you can display detail information in list form. The detail information is displayed using different detail views. There are detail views, among others, for the times, databases, data quantities transferred, and so on.

  2. If you require a different detail view, open the Detail Viewdropdown menu.

    You can select a detail view in this menu. The following detail views are especially important:


Detail View


Client Info

The Client Info detail view corresponds to the client info record (certificate subrecord) of the passport.

With distributed statistics records (DSRs), the passport is sent with the communication so that it is possible to trace, for example, the initiator of an action or the data flow of a business process even beyond component boundaries.

The Client Info detail view contains the following information:

  • Name and type of the initial components, such as component ECA of type SAP R/3
  • Service type, such as background
  • Initial user
  • Initial action performed, such as a background job
  • Action type
  • Name of the calling component, such as BCE

This means that component ECA starts a background job in BCE.

RFC Dest.Records Client

This RFC detail view and the following RFC detail views provide detailed information about the actions of the DSR components.

The components that call other components (destinations) are called clients.

This detail view shows which components the client has called. The following details are displayed, among others:

  • Local destination
  • Remote destination
  • Number of calls
  • Call time
  • Received data (in bytes)

RFC Single Records Client

The individual data records for the client's calls are displayed in this view.

This detail view provides the following information in addition to that provided by RFC Dest. Records Client:

  • Program name
  • Name of the executed function

The system always displays the statistics records that had the highest performance demands. The system displays up to five statistics records.

RFC DEST.Records Server

Like RFC Dest.Records Client with the difference that the component is functioning as a server here. The components that are called by other components (destinations) are called servers.

This detail view shows which components called this server.

RFC Single Records Server

Like RFC Single Records Client with the difference that the individual data records displayed here are for the calls of the server.


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