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Use the configuration wizard to perform automated configuration and maintenance tasks for your SAP NetWeaver system.

The configuration wizard makes the technical settings in an automated way. It enables you to enter data centrally once only, for example, for connectivity, service users, and so on and then the system distributes the data automatically in the SAP NetWeaver system.


Different Automation Views

  • All Configuration Tasks

    This view is displayed when you first enter the configuration wizard . It lists all configuration tasks available for your SAP NetWeaver system.

  • Initial Configuration

    This view is empty. For the initial configuration of Java functional units, choose Functional Unit Configuration UI .

    For more information, see Java Functional Unit Configuration .

  • Interrupted Automation Tasks

    If you canceled an automation task and want to resume it later, choose the automation task and then Resume .

  • History of Executed Automation Tasks

    This view lists all automation tasks that have previously been executed.

  • Running Automation Tasks

    To reconnect to a session that is running but which was lost due to a browser crash or by accidentally closing the browser, choose the automation task that is currently running and then Take Over Session or Cancel Process .

  • All Operation Tasks

    This view lists all operation tasks available for your SAP NetWeaver system.

Status Messages

Status Message



Automation task not executed

Currently executing

Automation task is currently executed

Finished with skipped steps

Automation task was executed and finished. One or several steps were skipped. Script may be restarted or followed up.


Automation task was canceled by the user.

Finished successfully

Automation task was finished without any errors or warnings.

Error Message Handling

You can view error messages that occurred during the execution of automation tasks by choosing Protocol . Clicking on a step that failed to be executed opens a more detailed view that lists the status of the automation step, links to further documentation, and further technical information.

Select Configuration Steps to Be Skipped

You can select single automation steps that you do not want to be carried out automatically. To do so, at the bottom of the page, choose Details . You can now select the steps to be skipped.

  1. Call the SAP NetWeaver Administrator in a browser using the path http://<host>:<httpport>/nwa and log on with the appropriate administrator user.

  2. Choose Start of the navigation path Configuration Management Next navigation step Scenarios Next navigation step Configuration Wizard End of the navigation path.

  3. Select the task required for your installed system in the list, and choose Start .

  4. Follow the screens.

    The system makes the necessary settings.

    The system reports any errors. Error message long texts are written to the protocol.

  5. After the configuration wizard has finished successfully, restart your SAP system.

More Information
  • SAP Note 1362909 Information published on SAP site Collective Note: Configuration Wizard SAP NetWeaver CE 7.2 and SAP NetWeaver 7.3

  • SAP Note 1178800 Information published on SAP site Collective Note: Business Suite Connectivity