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With the collaboration capabilities, SAP NetWeaver allows communication and collaboration in the portal. This allows SAP NetWeaver to bring together members of project groups regardless of time and of their geographic location. Users can use virtual rooms for common access and organization of documents, applications, and ideas.


The entire functional scope and configuration of the Collaboration capabilities are available in portal iViews.


The following table explains the functions included in Collaboration:



Making Services Available

You can configure how the system makes services available for collaboration. You can make services available in the following applications:

  • In the Collaboration Launch Pad , which allows central access to contacts and services in the portal header

  • In the Member List of rooms

  • In the context menu for user names

  • In the User Details iView

Virtual Rooms

Based on predefined templates, you can create virtual rooms for collaboration within teams and project groups. A room allows the members access to shared data and services independent of their location.

Groupware Integration

For collaboration in the portal, you can integrate the e-mail and scheduling services (Microsoft Exchange) used in your company.

Asynchronous Collaboration

For asynchronous collaboration, the following functions are available:

  • Online discussions

  • Online management of tasks, sessions, and documents

  • Online entry of feedback, ratings, and comments

  • Information sharing in forums

  • Information sharing in wikis

Real-Time Collaboration (RTC)

For real-time collaboration, the following functions are available:

  • Interactive online access to applications (application sharing)

  • interactive online exchange of information (instant messaging)


The RTC capabilities in SAP NetWeaver are recommended for scenarios that include the occasional use of instant messaging, and application-sharing services by a specific group of company-internal portal users-more specifically, one-to-one application sharing sessions and chat sessions with up to eight users. For large portal installations, the performance and sizing impacts of RTC should be considered. For more information, see SAP Note 948298 Information published on SAP site.

For the intensive use of RTC services, third-party integration is recommended. For more information, see 1038125 Information published on SAP site.

Integration of Third-Party Services

In addition to the services provided by SAP for real-time collaboration, you can also integrate third-party services, for example, WebEx, in the portal.

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