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Registering the Client DeviceLocate this document in the navigation structure


Registration enables the Data Orchestration Engine (DOE) to recognize your device. On successful registration, you can synchronize to ensure that the assigned applications and data are available on your device. You must register the device the first time that you log on to mobile client.

  • You have received the required details, such as Client, Host, Port name, Device Name, and Equipment Number from your administrator
  • You have a valid user ID and a password in the DOE.

    Your administrator creates a user ID and password in the DOE.

  • You have configured the mobile client settings.

    More information: Configuring the Mobile Client for Handhelds

  1. On the mobile client homepage, choose Synchronize.

    The client displays the synchronization details.

  2. Choose OK.
  3. On the mobile client homepage, choose Synchronize, again.