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Checking and Updating Adobe Form LayoutsLocate this document in the navigation structure


  • Your user is assigned a role containing the authorization object S_FP_CHK.

  • The form templates to be checked are activated.

  • You know the name of the RFC connection to Adobe Document Services (ADS). To perform the check, the function must call ADS.

  • The check and update objects must be on the ADS server.

  • If you want to migrate forms for ZCI, read SAP Note 956074 Information published on SAP site.


If you have used Adobe LiveCycle Designer to design the form layout in form templates, you can check the corresponding form templates and update them if necessary. The corrections during the update are made by inserting scripting.


Before it changes a form template, the system creates a version of it automatically and saves it to version management.

The link to Change and Transport System guarantees that updated form templates are transported further in your landscape. You can determine the scope of the check or update by selecting the objects to be checked.


  1. In the SAP system, call transaction SA38 and run program FP_CHK_REPORT.


    You cannot execute the program in SAP background processing.

  2. Under Form, enter the name of the form template to be checked. You can select multiple form templates or a range of form templates.

  3. Under Activity, specify whether the system is to execute just the check or also an update.

  4. Under ADS Connection, specify the RFC connection to Adobe Document Services.

  5. If you want to restrict the functions to form templates developed in the current system (or to forms where the current system is specified as the source system), set the Current syst. is source syst. flag in the Further Settings.

  6. Choose Start of the navigation path Program Next navigation step Execute End of the navigation path.

    The system determines the number of selected form templates and displays it in the status bar.

  7. Select at least one object to be checked or updated from the List of Available Check and Update Objects. This includes objects of the following object groups:

    Object Group

    Objects (Description)


    You use object PERF-001 to check constructs in the layout which may have a negative effect on performance during form generation. This object only checks the form and does not update it.


    You can use these objects to migrate form templates for Zero Client Installation (ZCI).

  8. If the form templates are assigned to a package, specify the transport request for each transport layer.

  9. The system performs the check or update and issues a log.

    Here you can see details of the check results and the scope of the update. The system also shows you a list of inactive form templates that cannot be used with this function (if available). You can display and evaluate the logs saved in the application log at any time by using transaction SLG1.

Next Steps

If you want to migrate form templates for Zero-Client-Installation (ZCI) using check and update objects, we recommend that you use transaction SFP_ZCI_UPDATE. This transaction calls the check program with the required objects.

More information: Form Checks and Updates for ZCI (Zero Client Installation)