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You can optimize the runtime of PDF form processing if you consider performance aspects when developing PDF online forms and creating form templates for PDF output forms.

Recommendations for Adobe LiveCycle Designer

  • For interactive forms, use the Form Caching function.

  • Minimize the amount of communication that takes place with the server in interactive forms. Only use those interactive functions (such as dynamic value help that sends queries to the server) that are strictly necessary.

  • Keep scripting to a minimum, since scripting in a form can have an effect on performance.

  • Use the following fonts where possible:

    • Courier

    • Arial

    • Times New Roman

    This improves performance because the fonts do not have to be embedded in the form.

More information: Online Help for Adobe LiveCycle Designer

Recommendations for Form Builder

  • For each business scenario, design an individual form that uses its own data retrieval methods. Do not implement the condition-driven output of multiple forms from the same form object.

  • Structure the form context in accordance with the logical flow of data. Place the context nodes used at the top of the form at the initial position in the context tree.

  • Deactivate any context nodes that you do not need.

    More information: Organizing the Structure of the Form Context

Recommendations for Calling Forms and Form Output