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Preparing Systems and Computers for eCATTLocate this document in the navigation structure


For up-to-date information, see SAP Note 519858.

Here is a checklist for preparing to use eCATT:

  • Maintain table T000 to allow eCATT to be used in the relevant clients.

  • Patch the systems. For information about which support packages to use, see SAP Note 519858.

  • Check that the users have the appropriate authorizations.

  • Install the latest 6.40 SAP GUI for Windows with the SAP GUI Scripting component.

  • Enable scripting if required. This needs to be done at both the back end and front end.

  • Prepare systems for Web Dynpro testing if required.

  • Install certified external tools on the local machine of the user. Use the SET_EXTERNAL_TOOL function module to make the required entries in the customizing table ECCUST_ET.

  • Create RFC destinations (transaction SM59) for target systems.